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Teaching History to Disabled Students with Digitalised Gamification Tools


The Tech-Game meeting in the Netherlands will be held from May 1 till May 6, 2023.
May 1, 2023: arrival.
May 6,  2023: departure.
Travel and accommodation information
Travelling to Markelo

Unfortunately the nearest airport, Twenthe Airport, is not fully operational to the main public yet. So, you have to fly either to Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport or to Eindhoven Airport (if you fly with a "Price Fighter" for instance).


   Arrival at Schiphol (AMS - Amsterdam Airport)

At Schiphol there is a train station immediately at the Exit/Entrance of the airport.

Train tickets 'from Schiphol Airport - to Holten' you can buy from the ticket machines near the train entrance. If you succeed in buying a train ticket online you can save one euro or even more... (https://www.ns.nl/en/door-to-door/arrange-your-journey) for that matter.

There are two train travel options. One at eight minutes after each whole hour (xy:08 h.) and another at eight minutes after each half hour (1/2 xy:08 h.). During the first (xy:08 h.) train travel option you have to 

change trains twice: in Amersfoort and in Deventer. However, in this option your travel time will be 1:43 h. Changing trains in Amersfoort  takes a few steps for which you have 4 minutes. Changing trains in Deventer takes also not so many steps for which you have 7 minutes.

During the second (1/2 xy:08 h.) train travel option you have to change trains only once, in Deventer, but for this you have 37 minutes to wait and therefore the travel period for this journey option is 2:13 h.

The price of the ticket may vary depending the time of day or week you travel or whether you travel alone or in a group and whether you buy your ticket online or not. ((You see, it is all gaming...) Prices will vary between 13,56 and 26,60 (second class, one way.

    Arrival at Eindhoven Airport (EIN)

At Eindhoven Airport there is no immediate access to a train. You have to go to the train station in the center of the city with a bus or a taxi (which is not cheap, the price can be 20,00 or even more). You may find a bus or a bus-shuttle at the entrance of the terminal. There is a bus every few minutes. The ride lasts about 20 minutes.

There is a train once per hour with two train changes and the travel time is 2:13 h. You have to change trains in Utrecht within 10 minutes and in Deventer that takes 7 minutes of time. Train tickets, from Eindhoven Centraal to Holten can be bought from the ticket machines at the railway station or online (which may save you some money). Prices can vary between 14,88 and 25,80 (2nd class, one way).



For your return flight you must be aware that you need to be at the airport at least three hours before your flight departs....


* Trains from Schiphol to Holten, during the week, are available from 05:38 h. on till 22:08 h. During the weekend other periods are available. At Saturday the last train to Holten leaves at 23:08 h. At Sundays the first train to Holten leaves at 06:11 h. from Schiphol Airport (railway station) and the last train at 22:08 h.


* Trains from Holten to Schiphol leave only once every hour. Trains are available from 06:09 h. on till 23:09 h.



* Trains from Holten to Eindhoven Centraal Station: see above (idem).

    Usually I propose my guests to put all the inland travel money in one pot and to rent from that money a mini-bus for our transport for and to the railway station, to or from the overnight staying place for cultural events and to and from our (other) meeting places. I myself act than always as driver. However, since the number of guests could be more than there are seats in one mini-bus available, perhaps other options must be considered.

overnight stays
Overnight stays

The overnight stays will be in ' Buitencentrum "Hessenheem" ' in Markelo, the village where I.E.R. is seated nowadays. There we will occupy five bungalows during our Meeting. The meeting place itself is also in this centre, in a place called  

"Buuf & Buur". 

move your cursor over the picture to see where in the parc we are staying

Bospark Markelo

move your cursor over each picture for more information

            Bospark Markelo  [Buitencentrum "Hessenheem"]

Adress: Potdijk 8, Markelo, the Netherlands  [ NL-7475 SL Markelo ]



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Bospark Markelo

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