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Teaching History to Disabled Students with Digitalised Gamification Tools
Meeting in North-Macedonia (LTTA-1)
8 - 11 November 2022
Meeting Report
Project participants were welcomed by the project coordinator and given info about the Intro of the LTTA. Participants got to know each other with energizer activities & attended a mobility session around the premises where the training took place.
During the training participants were trained and got the know-how for the following:

- Best practice approaches and practical examples for using game 

  based tools and methods of games & gamification in education in

  different countries;
- Disability and accessibility of the game based methods;
- Advantages and disadvantages game based usages in educational

- Games that can be used covering different contents and activities to

  support learning and communication;
- Responsible and safe use of game-based learning;
- Group sharing sessions to enable applying the social games in their

  classroom settings;
- Designing, planning and writing sample units of lesson plans that 

  deploy the game based methods & gamification approaches;
- Know how to use the different features of game-based learning &

  gamification in education;
- Know how to choose Serious games for school education;
- Know how to use gamification for iPad, Android, Win8 and other 

  mobile devices in learning.

During the training participants had opportunity to visit 3 special school for visual impaired, hearing impaired and intellectual disability, and were inform about different approaches in teaching history of this target groups and using gamification.
Last day of the training we discuss about next steps within project activities. We all together decide:
Turkish partner to send us more clear details about PR1 activities, all partners to fish their work until begging of December. And to start preparation for activities planned within PR3. 

Zdruzenie Institut Za Razvo Na Zaednicata - CDI, Aleksandra Kalemdzievska

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