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Teaching History to Disabled Students with Digitalised Gamification Tools
Meeting in Cefal˙, Sicily, Italy
19 - 20 September 2023
Meeting Report
Project participants were welcomed by the president of the Istituto di Instruzione Superiore "Mandralisca", Cefal˙ (the meeting was held in the Istituto Professionale per i Servizi per l'Enogastronomia e l'OspitalitÓ Alberghiera di Cefal¨), the Major of Cefal˙ and the Consul for Cultural Affairs of Cefal˙ who is also a teacher of the antique languages. Than our project coordinator opened the meeting and explained further the agenda of our meeting with the purpose to finetune too our results, also in preparation of the Final Report.. 
During the meeting participants discussed:

- the results that we have to produce in our project;

- preparing the results for uploading to the Project Results Platform;
- the tasks final completion;

- the editing and upgrading as well the completing of the documentation;
- the further development of the project gamification platform;
- the "History Game"app and how to use it;
- the devising of a Piloting Plan to test the quality of the results of the

- the dissemination process and the requirements of the dissemination

- the dissemination activities so far;
- the dissemination and product quality test events;
- the internal quality review of management, activities, meetings and 

  results of the project;
- the management tasks to be performed by each partner, the time 


- the Final report and the project sustainability;

- the future project ideas and cooperation between the partner

  organisations .

During the last day of the meeting the participants made observations in the classes of the Institute and especially in those classes where students with impairments were included.   
The meeting was closed with a informal ceremony handing out the Certificates of Attendance by the President of the school, Prof. Vincenzo Guarneri.

I.E.R., 24-09-2023

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