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Teaching History to Disabled Students with Digitalised Gamification Tools


Strategic Partnerships (Key Action 2)
AGREEMENT NUMBER 2021-1-PL01-KA220-SCH-000023916
LTT ID C2  Meeting in the Netherlands
1-6 May, 2023
Day 1
- what gamification is
- concept of games
- how game design serves as a foundation for gamification
- Group reflection

Day 2
- Deconstructing Games
- apply game design principles in non-game contexts
- raw materials of games and gamification
- create gamified systems
- Peer reflection

Day 3
- Motivation and Psychology of gamification
- Creating quests or challenge activities for students
- Methodologies to prepare a lesson based on gamification idea
- Self-reflection

Day 4
- How design games for specific classes
- developing creative, human-centred, thoughtful gamification solutions
- legitimate limitations, concerns, and dangers from gamification
- gamification-related techniques
- Evaluation
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