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I.E.R. - International Excellence Reserve
participates in the European Commission's  
e-Learning Programme
SIMPEL - SME's Improving E-Learning Practices
 SIMPEL Guidelines SIMPEL richtlijnen

The purpose of the European project SIMPEL is to identify and to promote effective e-learning solutions and models for Small and Medium Enterprises. On the basis of analyses and valorisation of existing successful projects in the European Union SIMPEL develops guidelines and puts forward examples of innovative best practice, in order to help improve the training situation in those companies, which form the backbone of the European Economy, especially in terms of job-creation. 

The Partners:
IAT - Institute for Work and Technology, University of Applied Sciences, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
E-Competence Agency in IKM (ZIM/UB), University Duisburg - Essen, Germany
VEB - Consult Srl., Florence, Italy
CONSTRUCTOR Software Engineering, Environmental, Planning and Commercial Ltd., Györ, Hungary
Széchenyi István Egyetem, University of Györ, Hungary
EMRC - Educational Media Research, University of Limerick, Ireland
I.E.R. - International Excellence Reserve,   the Netherlands
I.E.R. - International Excellence Reserve

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